The Freedoom project aims to create a complete free content game based on the Doom engine.

Combined with the engine, Freedoom is also compatible with game modifications (“mods”) made for the original Doom games, made by Doom fans and artists over the decades.

For more information, see the What is Freedoom? page.

Project News

2014-10-14: Freedoom 0.9 released

This version represents rather large, sweeping changes to Freedoom, easily one of the best releases we’ve had in years and we are extremely proud to be able to release it for all to enjoy!

  • New file names no longer conflict with Doom's

  • FreeDM and Phase 1 have grown out of the shadows of the project and have seen rapid advances.

  • New text font to replace the old one in all menus, in-game text, and status-bar HUD.

  • New zombie, shotgun zombie, and assault tripod sprites by a skilled pixel artist.

  • New sounds for the dark soldier.

  • More complete support for Final Doom mods, adding many more textures missing to support mods for both TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment.

... and there are many, many more changes, too long to mention here, but it’s more fun to play than to read, isn’t it?

2014-01-01: Freedoom 0.8 released

Those responsible for the lack of releases since too long ago have been sacked. Not really, but enjoy a shiny new release, and we’ll promise to stop with the -rc and -beta stuff from here on!

2011-01-22: Freedoom 0.7 released

It’s been a few years since 0.6, and we are now at the next major version number for Freedoom, 0.7. There are plenty of new materials to be found, please check it out!