Freedoom is available in three versions, representing different level packs and compatibility with multiple versions of the classic Doom franchise from id Software.


The primary Freedoom version, featuring 32 levels in one massive chapter. It is compatible with Doom II mods.

Ultimate Freedoom

An alternative game, with 36 different levels split into four chapters. It is compatible with mods for the original Doom and The Ultimate Doom.


Beat your friends in these 32 levels designed for competitive deathmatch play.

Freedoom requires the additional download of a game engine to play. The following three ports are highly recommended by the Freedoom project:


Odamex focuses on old school game-play and its advanced multiplayer capabilities.

Doomsday Engine

Doomsday is an advanced engine with an emphasis on graphical enhancements.


PrBoom+ is often prefered by speedrunners due to its high compatibility with historical engines.

These engines, and many others, are made possible thanks to the Doom engine being released as free software in 1997.

Development snapshots

Freedoom is a project with constant, active development. If you would like to check out the current progress of the project, you may want to see an automated build of the latest version in Git.