Freedoom is always looking for help. This is a short list of some of the resources that the project is in need of. If you can help out, please check the forum or Discord links in the sidebar to get in contact!


In-level music: Freedoom needs music for its levels. Presently some of the music tracks are serving double duty for multiple levels. FreeDM, the deathmatch spinoff project, also needs some appropriate music for its levels.

OPL synth instruments: If you like chiptunes, particularly for the Yamaha OPL2/OPL3 synth chips, then Freedoom needs instruments for its OPL MIDI instrument bank. Check out the documentation to find out more.

Level authors

New levels: Freedoom is still in need of new single player levels in order to get a complete set of levels. If you see a level that is just a square room with an exit switch, that is a currently unfilled slot. If you are experienced making Doom levels and can spend the time to make a level for Freedoom, or maybe you have levels you’ve made and can donate to the project, please get in touch.

Bugs: Sometimes bugs get reported in Freedoom’s levels. Check out the bug list to see what currently needs fixing.

Bug reports

Freedoom is an ongoing project, and issues may always be found. The preferred place, and the one that will not have reports lost in memory, is the GitHub issue tracker. Information about all kinds of issues is much appreciated, but if you find an issue in the latest release, don’t be so quick to report it! Check the latest and greatest builds to see if the problem still persists there: much of Freedoom may have changed in the interim!


This website is also managed via git. If you have suggestions please either raise issues or pull requests at the GitHub project.

Financial contributions

Freedoom does not accept financial donations nor bug bounties. While such desires to support us this way are appreciated, we do not have a present need for financial assistance with development or hosting.

As an alternative, evangelize! Spread the word of Freedoom and share your love for the game and encourage others to try it.

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